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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 08:47

Brace Up for Contemporary Landscaping with Boxwood Topiary

Brace Up For Contemporary Faux Landscaping With Artificial Boxwood TopiaryTopiaries can be called the finest of all means for the decoration of a place, and when it comes to adorning your commercial premise, you cannot take a chance but rely on the efficiency of these faux plants. They come in a wide variety of styles and shapes to fit both the interiors as well as the exterior landscape of the commercial place and moreover, these plants are made from high-quality materials which render them beautiful. As an owner of the commercial property, regardless of whether it is a casino or a hotel or an amusement park or a hospital, you can use these fake artificial topiaries in all places to mesmerize your visitors and esteemed clients.

Top tips to use the boxwood topiaries in commercial places

With the dizzying variety of styles, forms, and sizes of faux boxwood topiaries, it may become overwhelming for a novice decorator to take care of all the aspects before choosing the perfect piece of boxwood artificial topiary trees. However, with a few useful tips, you may easily be able to choose the best topiaries for the decoration of your interiors and exteriors.

Find out the places where you want to place the topiaries: This is the first and foremost factor that would enable you to get the best pieces of fake topiaries. You can easily consider both the interiors and exterior landscape and locate the spots where you want to keep these topiaries. This will help you to have a clear idea of which size and form of topiary you would require to make your visitors go bonkers. Moreover, since these topiaries are made out of high-quality silk material, no one would be able to understand that he or she are not natural. So, your first task is to decide whether you want to place it at the front door or the patio or by a poolside or at the conference room or the reception.

Choose the shape of the artificial topiary trees: Though artificial topiaries are the most common variants of fake topiaries, you can also explore other forms such as tapered, cone, single or double ball or corkscrew. If you can mix and match different types of topiaries altogether, you would be able to decorate your commercial premise in a unique way which wouldn’t match the décor of any other places.

Determine the perfect size as per your requirements: When you are taking into account all the probable spots within your commercial premise, including both interiors and exteriors, you will have to get topiaries of various sizes to serve the purpose. The general rule is that you would require large boxwood topiaries for your exteriors and interiors, smaller topiaries are going to be perfect. You should also have a clear idea about the height at which you want to keep them. 

Select the style of the artificial topiary trees: There are different types of boxwood topiaries available, some of them are suitable for specifically suitable for distinct purposes. When you have a clear cut idea of where you want to place each of these topiaries, you can easily choose the best topiaries which will help you to transform your commercial place with magical beauty.

Determine whether you would like to light the topiaries: This is yet another important consideration. For the topiaries that are going to be placed in the interiors, you may not require artificial lighting, but for those that are placed outside, you may have to think of lighting them suitably. This is especially true if you are an owner of an amusement park, large hotels or resort, theme park or casinos. Some topiaries are available in a pre-lit condition, or you may also buy unlit ones and drape them with low voltage LED strips to light it whenever you want to.

Place the artificial topiary trees in decorated urns: Faux boxwood topiaries come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, and you may also get some of the most beautiful colors of these fake plants. However, it is highly recommended that after you have finished choosing the best topiaries for your commercial place, you should place them in suitable beautified urns so that the whole thing looks dignified and gorgeous. You may also consider using decorative baskets or planter to create a  look that is going to be envied by all.

Caring for the beautiful topiaries that adorn your commercial place:

Once you have chosen the loveliest of artificial boxwood topiaries for decorating the indoors and outdoors of your commercial place, it is time to incorporate them in such a way that they carry the same theme all over your business area and aids in increasing its aesthetic appeal. However, when the topiaries are doing so much to help in improving the looks of your area, you should also take proper care and maintain it properly so that it keeps on embellishing your area for many years. If you are placing them outdoors, they will catch more dust compared to those that are placed indoors. However, there is nothing to fret. If you see that there is dust, rain spots or debris accumulated in the topiaries, cleaning them is going to be pretty easy, and you can instantly restore them to their original elegance without any hassles.

  • For cleaning, you can simply rinse the artificial topiary trees with a mild cleansing agent mixed with plain water. You may also do this by spraying water from an outdoor hose.
  • For those topiaries placed indoors, you can spray them with a mild cleanser mixed with water and then pat it dry with a cotton towel.
  • Though you would not have to do this on a regular basis, cleaning the topiaries once in a while would aid you to have the glamor and sheen of the topiaries protected for many years.

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