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MatGreener environment all around adds a unique feel of freshness and energy to the whole surrounding. Especially for commercial spaces, where there is an inflow of people on a daily basis ranging from clients, employees, visitors and more, it is quite important to establish an appealing and inviting indoor and outdoor. This is why most of the commercial environments now prefer to create a lush green and stunning landscape rather than all the other expensive decor. Additionally, artificial landscaping solution has added a modernized and contemporary flavor to this whole tradition which is supported by the users.

If you are looking to create a lush green lawn and surrounding your space, foliage mats are amongst top products that you should consider creating a green and natural environment. There are countless providers of such foliage mats online, but you need to consider the best option if you want to get the best out of your lawn. HedgeScapes is one of the most renowned brands in the artificial landscaping industry that designs and manufactures highest standard artificial plants and trees. They have a large selection of artificial foliage mats available for your varying landscaping needs. You can choose from varying sizes, textures, shades and more as per your preferences.

Reasons to Invest in Foliage Mats

Here are the top reasons for why you should invest in these HedgeScapes foliage mats.

1. Say No to Maintenance Efforts

This is one of the biggest benefits of these faux foliage mats as these don't require any maintenance as is required by real foliage. These don't have cutting, pruning, fertilizing, watering or similar needs. These are considered to be completely maintenance free. You can do occasional washing or dusting whenever you see dust over these. This advantage of these faux mats not only save your efforts but also a big maintenance cost that is required in case of living landscape.

2. Easy to Install & Lightweight

HedgeScapes artificial mats are highly light in weight as these are made up of synthetic material like highest grade plastic and silk. This manufacturing material makes these mats highly lightweight and easy to install. One can install these without any professional help. However, the expert team of HedgeScapes ensures the proper installation work by themselves. You just need to define your requirements, and they will get a perfectly designed and installed mat for your space. HedgeScapes is specialized in designing custom-made foliage as per your specific landscape requirements.

3. Weather Proof and Long-Lasting Capacity

The complete line of faux green mats by HedgeScapes come packed with weatherproof properties. This means these mats can perfectly withstand all seasonal conditions. No matter whether these are annoying summer days, chilling cold weather or rainy season, these mats can stay lush green and adorable the whole year without fading away or getting discolored. After installing these mats, you need not worry about their health or looks, whether you place them in the outdoor or indoor area.

4. Cost Effective Landscaping Solution

Do you want to stick to a limited budget for creating a landscape without compromising looks? In such also, artificial HedgeScapes mats counts the most cost-effective and pocket-friendly solution that doesn't let you compromise with your landscaping needs just because you have a limited budget. These not only give you a low-cost purchase benefit but also reduce your overall landscaping price by eliminating maintenance costs as required in case of real landscaping.

5. Zero Litter Plus Pest Free Environment

Pests are one of the major problems that come along with living plants or foliage. As insects, pests and bugs get their food from plants. This pest problem gets more humiliating in case of indoor landscaping. But you can avoid all such pest problems with the use of artificial foliage mats. These not only offer you a pest free environment but also reflect the realistic and more enthusiastic looks. Also unlike real plants, these don't create any clutter in the surrounding. It means you can keep a clean and hygienic space without putting much effort.

6. Backed Up with ThermaLeaf® Technology

All the varieties of artificial foliage mats offered by HedgeScapes feature special ThermaLeaf® technology. This technology makes them retardant to all kinds of fire accidents. This is because a large number of fire retardant chemicals are impregnated with the raw material while the manufacturing process. These Chemicals prevent a fire from spreading out in the building in case of any fire hazards. This unique feature of HedgeScapes foliage mats offers industry's most secure and safe landscaping solution to various commercial owners.

7. Get A Realistic Landscape Created Conveniently

If you ever think that artificial mats can't be as much grace as those of real foliage mats, then it is important to know that, these are designed with such expert craftsmanship that onlookers can't even know about their false identity. These look exactly realistic and same as their real counterparts. These look even more gracious than living plants as living plants may get weak, unhealthy or unappealing if its specific requirement is not met. But with this faux foliage, you can create a realistic and natural habitat around your space.

8. Completely Customizable

Another big benefit of opting faux mats is that these are highly flexible. You can get a customized solution as per your particular landscaping requirements. Whatever may be the architectural features of your place, you can have a custom shaped, sized and designed green landscape anytime. Also, you can have distinct kinds of mats for tour landscape depending upon the durability you require. HedgeScapes has durable mat types for a lifetime as well as basic versions of the mats that are for a shorter span of time. If you want a landscaping solution for your commercial space for a shorter period, the basic version is the ideal choice. Whatever type of mat you choose, their looks and quality are always of highest standards.

FoliageEvery commercial setting needs to make their business presentable in a befitting manner for generating revenues. It includes everything from architecture to decoration. Landscaping is the most effective option for revamping both indoor and outdoor in a commercial setting, and it impresses both employees and all those who step into your business premises. Studies on human behavior indicate that people become more energetic when they are near nature and, therefore, a lush green ambiance will naturally improve the efficiency of your employees besides making a lasting impression on the customers, clients, and guests.

Although we always think of live plants first for going green, it is not that easy for corporate landscapes, as natural trees and plants need regular caring that calls for dedicated manpower and ultimately involves extra cost, which is not at all welcome because of the cut-throat competition for survival. Artificial foliage lets the owners, architects, and designers have a unique alternative for successful landscaping projects. There are many variants of this item for fulfilling different landscaping needs, and HedgeScapes is a prime manufacturer of this decorative element. This write-up aims to delve into the essentials that you should know.

Near limitless options to choose from

HedgeScapes artificial foliage is available in many categories such as

  • Hedges: Help to define spaces and denote boundaries.
  • Mats: Have diverse landscaping uses in different business spaces.
  • Screens: Excellent for ensuring privacy at the poolside and lawns.
  • Rolls: Excellent for instantaneous creation of a green lawn by just unrolling.
  • Letters, Logos & Signage: Creates an excellent visual impact on the business.
  • Topiaries: Available in cones, spirals, and balls, these deliver super duper decoration.
  • Animal & Form Topiaries: Built-in animal forms, characters, and themed art, these can revamp any commercial setting
  • Green walls: The best option to have inspiring exterior and interior walls.

Each of these items has many variations based on their size, baseboard, types of foliage used and different applications of the elements and can also be personalized to meet special landscaping needs of the customers.  All these make the faux foliage spectrum almost limitless for practical purposes.

Landscaping is very easy with artificial foliage.

Backed by the skill and expert of their team containing botanists, engineers, designers and landscapers, HedgeScapes can make their fake foliage a mirror image of their live cousins. These are so lifelike that even the most experienced eyes also cannot feel the difference visually.  You have to touch these to see if those are real and these also melt beautifully with live plants. As these are available in standard bases or on frames, these can be easily installed anywhere effortlessly.

Places where you can use artificial foliage

HedgeScapes replicated foliage can be used for indoor and outdoor landscaping of any commercial space like

  • Massive corporate houses
  • Government offices and municipal buildings
  • Luxury hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping Malls and Exhibition Halls
  • Multiplexes, bars, and casinos
  • Exotic resorts, sauna baths, and spas
  • Amusement parks, theme parks, water parks
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities

HedgeScapes foliage needs minimal maintenance

Artificial foliage from HedgeScapes needs bare minimum care for keeping them glowing. Unlike the live plants, these do not require special soil, regular watering, fertilizing and spraying pesticides. Once you include these in your commercial indoor or outdoor, only periodic dusting is sufficient to keep them shining. Moreover, like the natural foliage, these never go out of shape or outgrow the space and hence, you are relieved from regular trimming and can save on cost.

Unique manufacturing technologies make these durable and safe.

HedgeScapes artificial foliage is produced using the highest grade of color pigment, plastic materials, resins and injecting unique UV stabilizers following PermaLeaf® technologies. Thus, the fake foliage is independent of climate change and never discolors or fades even when continuously exposed to the scorching sunrays. Aside from using PermaLeaf® grade foliage, HedgeScapes also uses ThermaLeaf® technologies for manufacturing replicated foliage. These are infused with special fire retardant chemicals, by injection molding, during the manufacturing process. The foliage passes all fire safety tests and conforms to the requirements of the state laws making those legal and safe to use.

You can have clean surrounding using artificial foliage.

One of the best features of landscaping with these near natural foliage is that you get a clean surrounding. Unlike the live foliage, these never wilt or shed leaves and thus deliver a clean surrounding.  So, for commercial settings like healthcare facilities, hotels restaurants, etc., where cleanliness is the first and foremost concern, the fake foliage gives total relief.

Unique customization facilities to let you have what you need

No matter, if you like to have artificial foliage for different landscaping elements, HedgeScapes has everything in their arsenal. Whether you want to use the decorative product for a few months or want the same to stay there for years together, you can get the right foliage for every landscaping situation. The foliage is also available in realistic leave structures of azalea, English ivy, juniper, dark green and light green pearl grass.

Added advantages for fake foliage

Other than what has been dwelt on, you can also enjoy added benefits by landscaping with faux foliage.

  • Provides versatile solution for all landscaping needs
  • Unlike natural foliage that shines in a specific season, the faux foliage glows equally throughout the year.
  • There is no chance of mold growth, and hence no mold allergy is possible.
  • Does not attract insects and, therefore, your business place will be free from insect attacks.
  • Pets are not also attracted to the fake foliage and, hence, there is no chance of pet damage.
  • Being artificially made, the fake foliage is immortal and continues to adorn the commercial setting for a long time making it a cost-effective and onetime investment option.

Artificial Foliage MatsCommercial buildings like the offices, restaurants, shopping malls, corporate sector have to deal with a lot of people on a daily basis, and apart from the corresponding services they provide, the outlook is very important to make a long lasting impression on the visitors and make them visit the place again and again. The landscape design has to be of the top quality and needs to be updated to modern standards to make the place a happening one. The artificial topiary decoration is one of the most trending design ideas, and it is doing wonders to ordinary landscapes.

Everything you need to know about faux plants

Talking about the landscaping at restaurants, malls, public buildings, etc. or holiday office decoration, they need strict adherence to the quality standards and has to be innovative and beautiful to make a lasting impression on the visitors. Along with that, they need to be easy on maintenance and economical to help reduce the costs of landscaping. Meeting these criteria with the original plants is impossible as they have some basic requirements and can't sort the requirements at offices and malls like a complete pest free environment and zero litter on surroundings. That led to the use of the artificial plants.

Now, fake plants, as the name sounds, don't have a fixed life cycle and can give service forever once installed. They don't need maintenance and regular watering also as the real ones do. That will free one separate person for maintenance of the landscaping items. They also don't need basic needs of living plants like sunlight, air, and optimum living conditions. So, you can have them placed almost anywhere in the building without much care.

Some special standards

ThermaLeaf®- by this technology, the artificial plant materials are impregnated with a special fire retardant chemical which makes it retardant to any accidental fire breakouts. It will stop the fire from spreading throughout the building in case of an accident and save lots of lives and property. The topiary décor meet the state fire standards. It is done in response to some of the cases of accidental fire breakouts at public buildings where the landscaping items helped the spread of fire.

PermaLeaf®- by this technology, the best quality materials, and coloring pigments are used in the manufacture of the topiary artificial trees so that they don't lose their color or fade away on exposure to the outdoor conditions or harsh environmental conditions like snow, rain, etc. the landscaping items can withstand considerable amount of UV radiations without fading away. It increases longevity as you can use them in landscaping for longer terms. 

Artificial foliage mats- amazing landscaping items

Fake foliage mats are unique types of topiary artificial trees which can do wonders to any landscape and turn any normal, dull landscapes into sparkling, lively one. It gives the touch of elegance to even the dullest walls and can be a very cheap remedy if you have imperfections on your walls. Any imperfections on the wall surface can be cured with the help of this. They have a mesmerizing look which can transform the outlook of any place. That is why it is widely used in almost all the famous public places. 

Some amazing features of the amazing item

Here are some of the striking features of the amazing artificial foliage mats:

  • They are completely customizable, i.e. you can get the product you want to your exact specifications including specific shapes as well. In case you need a larger space, small blocks will be attached before shipping. That will make it easier for use in public buildings.
  • In case you want artificial foliage mats for temporary use, i.e. you want to reuse it in some other location; there are ideal mats for that purpose as well. It will be very useful in case of renovation or if you want to redesign the landscape.
  • There are a lot of types from which you can pick your suitable option, English Ivy, Pearl glass of various shades of green, Azalea, Boxwood and so on. You may also choose to keep it simple and go for the standard mat. 
  • Though the widely use variety of artificial foliage mats include the durable type which is for permanent use, you can also pick the basic version which will last for the shorter duration.
  • They are not only useful in interior landscaping as you can use them in exterior landscaping as well. There are varieties for use in outdoor which will withstand the harsh weather conditions. 

Where can you use these amazing items?

The artificial foliage mats are of the finest quality, and they can be used in any

  • Restaurants or big cafes.
  • Any 5 star or luxurious hotels.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Corporate sector.
  • Hospitals.

Apart from these above-mentioned places, they are useful in theme parks, government offices, clubs, etc. which experience a lot of visitors on a daily basis.

What are the best locations to place them?

Outdoor- Among the outdoor locations, you can install them on any wall to give it a lively and greener approach. They can also work as effective screens or partitions to keep privacy. The mats will look fabulous on any surface and are designed to withstand the harsh environment. So, you can be free to choose your favorite location and turn it into a dream landscape with the artificial foliage mats.

Indoor- They can cover up an entire wall at the reception and be the center of attention. Putting them up in offices will give an immediate good impression about the company to the visitors and will also boost the morale of the employees. They will also convert any dull landscape into a lively one. They can hide any imperfections on the wall which may otherwise be a source of the bad impression. You can unlock your creativity and give any landscape a modern and elegant turnover.

Fake Boxwood MatsA hedge is defined as a fence or a boundary that is formed by carefully growing shrubs or bushes. The definition of hedges states that it is a type of fence or barrier, but they are now available in multiple shapes and sizes, each designed with the end results in mind. An artificial boxwood hedge is a hedge in the form of a box which is made from artificial shrubs and bushes. 

A couple of years back, many states in the United States like Texas were dealing with major drought issues. The state of Texas hadn't got enough rainfall in a couple of years, and as a result, there were restrictions on the usage of water all over the city. Starting from drying up the public pool to limiting the number of times the yard could be watered, the government adopted rigorous methods to ensure everyone had enough supply. Less watering of the yards resulted in drying up of the bushes, and therefore the once glorious look of the front yard was soon gone. Starting from houses to corporates, almost all buildings had a dry garden except for one which had a fresh and green yard. This particular yard belonged to a corporate house, which had decided to install fake hedges the previous year. The fake hedge not only looked glorious, but it was also by far the only one that stood out in the dry state of Texas. 

What are Fake Hedges?

As mentioned above, a fake hedge is a fence or a boundary that is made by grouping a bunch of artificial bushes and shrubs. Although artificial, they are so well made that they give the impression of being 100% natural all the time. If you are an unsuspecting individual, you could be easily fooled by their appearance. 

These shrubs are entirely artificial; they don't need regular maintenance in the form of watering, cutting and reshaping. Once created in the factory, they retain their shapes for a long time under severe weather conditions. They are installed in a such a manner that the unsuspecting eye would never catch a fault, without inspecting them carefully. 

The advantages of using fake hedges over natural ones

There are some benefits of using artificial hedges for your corporate landscape over natural ones. The list below mentions the most significant things-

  1. As the name suggests, fake hedges are not original plants, and therefore they don't need regular maintenance like watering, cutting and reshaping.
  2. Once they are installed, they can go without maintenance and still look good as new for years. 
  3. They maintain their original shape throughout their life span.
  4. Unlike original hedges, these don't fade colors and always look fresh and real. 
  5. They are low maintenance installations thus you don't need to hire a gardener for their well-being.
  6. They can be installed anywhere be it in a desert with no signs of trees or in an area filled with trees and flowers. They blend into their surroundings and increase its beauty.

Why should install HedgeScapes' Faux Boxwood Mats for your corporate landscape?

Other than the obvious reason that HedgeScapes' Faux Boxwood Mats will make your corporate landscape look better, here are some other reasons as to why you should install them-

  1. Hedges act as screens or dividers between office spaces. Instead of using standard curtains, a hedge screen adds a feel to the environment. 
  2. It gives a perfect backdrop for photoshoots and other events. 
  3. While throwing a party at your office, hedges can be used to separate different sections thus making it more organized.
  4. Fake hedges are the best fit for your office if you like to have greenery on your building, but also you don't have the time and resources to hire a gardener and start the process from ground zero.

Why should you choose HedgeScapes?

There are numerous ideas as to why you should choose HedgeScapes over anyone else. Check the list below for the most significant reasons-

  • HedgeScapes offers artificial boxwood hedge, boxwood mat, and fake hedges all under one roof so that you don't have to visit multiple manufacturers.
  • At HedgeScapes pre-designed hedges are already available for you to choose. 
  • In case you don't like the designs, you can give them a design of your own and they will make it only for you. 
  • All the products are available in custom shapes and sizes.
  • HedgeScapes offers free installation on all products.
  • They use patented technologies to make the leaves look natural and bright for their entire lifetime. 
  • Fast delivery and extended guarantees on all products.

The products at HedgeScapes

HedgeScapes specializes in multiple products which are all based on the central idea of fake hedges. The list of products available at HedgeScapes are as mentioned below-

  1. Mats- At HedgeScapes different varieties and sizes of mats are available, which are all made from fake bushes. They are designed to add flair to your corporate workspace.
  2. Screen- A fake hedge screen can serve as the perfect divider between two separate spaces, thus giving you both privacy and design. 
  3. Rolls- Mat rolls are available in custom shapes and sizes so that you can easily fit them into tight corners and ultimately give a greener look to your corporate workspace.
  4. Animals and form topiary- If you are an animal and nature lover, you should visit our animals and topiary section. These are available in custom sizes and makes any surrounding beautiful.  
  5. Others- Other than the above products, HedgeScapes also specializes in signs, logos, and other corporate necessities. You can view all their products by clicking the menu above.

boxwood matIf you are bored of the surroundings of your restaurants, malls, boutique, residential and office buildings, then it's time to get incredible looking foliage mats. Adding greenery to your workspace was never that easy, but our high-quality foliage mats have changed the scenario altogether. These are beautiful and vibrant and are a perfect landscaping option. The foliage mats are famously used as floor decorations and wall coverings. These are unbelievably natural looking mats with unmatched realism and are economical. With these mats, one does not have to worry about its durability, maintenance, and fire issues. 

Texture of Foliage Mats

Our mats comprise of unblemished, stylish looks catered to appeal you. The unique and vibrant mats are made up of different materials like realistic leaves. We work with worthy botanists to create no less than a real leaf structure. The comforting green leaves and vibrant flowers are made up of plastic. The standard sizes in which we offer are 12' * 12', 24' * 24'. Moreover, these artificial mats are available in customizable shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter whether you wish to use them for outdoor or indoor landscaping because these foliage mats can be installed everywhere. 


We have the wide range of options available, from which you can choose the colors and textures you want for your space. English ivy, azalea, boxwood, juniper, dark-green pearl grass and light-green pearl grass are different variants in foliage mats; we offer so that you can get exactly what you are looking for. English ivy boxwood is manufactured on a plastic fence panel and is highly recommended by designers, architects because of its exuberant look similar to wall tiles. Juniper mats which would surely add elegance to our place, crafted from rubber with anti-slip properties. The most commonly used mats are ivy and juniper as they have been in use for hundreds of years in landscaping projects. Another modern variant that is made up of industrially leading faux materials, Azalea is green foliage with an option of pink and red flowers. Other varieties are dark green pearl grass and light green pearl grass which is used for having a comfortable and dynamic outdoor area.

Wide Range of Application

The mere presence of these mats creates a rejuvenating ambiance in the settings of your place. These realistic looking foliage mats are ideal for outdoor as well as the indoor environment. The material used in its construction is equipped to withstand harsh conditions. In any weather condition, one can be sure that these mats won't have color loss as they are fade resistant. They can be made temporary or permanent, according to if we want the wall for years or a party. We also offer one-time use foliage mats for special occasions. The monotonous walls of our offices, restaurants, malls can be transformed into beautiful green walls. 

Potential Usage

Our foliage mats find a variety of uses. It is popularly used to enhance the business environment by adding the natures' touch through these foliage mats. One can brighten up office by adding these vibrant textured mats. One can use mats in their reception areas to lighten the mood or even use in trough displays. These are eye catching and will certainly make a vibrant statement within the malls, hotel lobbies and at the reception of corporate houses. The sophisticated and classy ambiance gives your customers assurance that they are dealing with the right organization. The mats can be used for interior decoration. The restaurants having foliage mats on the wall have a magical vibe. It gives an exotic look when used in malls and boutiques. 

Minimal Maintenance

One should consider buying foliage mats if the business area, mall, the restaurant is not attracting customers because of its dull looks. The fake mats look exactly like the real hedges and minus all the maintenance. They can be easily placed anywhere and no need for any special care. They don't need a lot of effort in cleaning. Moreover, we use the technology that contains special UV stabilizers which help in preventing color fading. The plastic used to make the leaves, flowers, and stems of foliage mats make them water resistant. Hence, they can be easily used in outdoor landscaping.

Fire Resistant

The foliage mats are fire resistant, and this appears as an oddball to many. People believe since the mats are made of plastic; hence they are easily susceptible to fire, and on catching fire, it can produce a large amount of deadly smoke. However, our foliage mats are made up of fire retardant material. A fire retardant chemical is introduced into the mat during its manufacturing and hence making them fire safe. It is the safest faux foliage on the market which meets the all the fire codes. It has been tested and complies with various test methods.

Easy on pocket

Don't go on its gorgeous and classy looks, they only look expensive but are pocket-friendly. This can also be attributed to the negligible maintenance required by them. The foliage mats are almost indistinguishable from the real plants. Since they are made of plastic, they do not attract insects like real plants do. One does not have to worry about their trimming and cutting grass. The beautiful foliage mats leave a long lasting impression on the customers. The price one pays for foliage mats is far less in comparison to their benefits.

Easy Installation

The best part of foliage and artificial boxwood mat is that they are very simple to install. No professional help is needed in its installation. There is a manual which comes with mats for easy steps to follow. The mats can be struck by normal adhesive or galvanized staples. These mats come in easily flexible panels of various dimensions. Its installation is not at all time-consuming. The only tools one needs to install foliage mats are scissors and an adhesive. In few easy steps, foliage mats will give you a highly dynamic and unique business space.

Lush Boxwood Mats can provide opulent indoor and landscapesBusinesses are all about interaction with people and, to be very specific, with the clients and customers. In case you notice that not many people are stepping into your office, then it must be lacking in attracting the visitors let alone to convert their interest into business for ultimate revenue generation. 

People are always after beautiful things, and an amazing exterior landscape is sure to attract your visitors about the standing of your business and also help them to be in a joyous mood when they enter your office. Of course, you can have a natural landscape. But, these are hard to maintain through the year. You may be located in an arid climate, and there could be a scarcity of water too. For all such situations, artificial boxwood mats are the best solution for maintaining your class and also for creating a pleasant ambiance.  Using artificial mats you can enjoy good customer relationship continuously.

What are these?

There are many ways to revamp the outdoor landscape, and the artificial boxwood mats are ideal for this purpose. The artificial grass turf mats are made of plastic materials. These are tinted with prime quality color and mimic the natural grass. Protective agents are also impregnated into the mats so that these do not discolor when exposed to the scorching sunlight for a long time. 

Unique features

Manufactured with innovative technologies, these come in standard sizes of modular squares and can be used for a large number of applications. These can also be customized to meet any specific requirement and can be used for covering floors and walls as well, to impart an enhanced look to your place of business. For large projects, several mats are connected and formed into rolls for handling efficiently. Some companies allow the mats to hang on the walls for years together and there are others who prefer a periodic replacement. These can be made based on the usage modalities. The good quality commercial resin is used for manufacturing, and this can withstand extreme weather conditions. 

How can these be used?

Green landscapes are very attractive and mesmerizing, and for this reason, the artificial grass mats are perfect for all outdoor and indoor décor requirements. There is a growing trend of decorating with artificial grass for providing a lush appearance. While these are usually used for uplifting the lawns and floors; these can as well be used for decorating the walls of the board room or conference room or reception for creating an elegant ambiance that influences the clients, customers, and visitors to think that they are in the right place. 

Why trust artificial boxwood mats?

Nature induces positive feelings. The artificial mats have come a long way, passing through many developments, to look like natural turf allowing everyone to feel the natural aura. These are manufactured in vibrant green color that is pleasing to the eyes and is extensively used for the following reasons. 

  • The artificial mats are easy to install. These can be easily attached to any frame or fence.
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration in a plethora of ways.
  • The dimension of the leaves and stems are made meticulously accurate making these mats botanically correct.
  • In includes UV resistant agent and, therefore, prevents fading.
  • Also, have fire resistant properties that make these safe and reliable.
  • Do not attract mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Long lasting and require no maintenance and no mowing.
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal.

Added benefits

Landscaping has become an absolute necessity for the present day businesses, and the artificial boxwood mats are ideal for decorating and demonstrating the interior and exterior of your private space. These have astounding abilities for adding splendor to the homes and commercial establishment by providing a beautiful garden backdrop. You can use these for enhancing the beauty and elegance of the lawns, backyard and even walls too.

  • These are manufactured in lush green color that acts as a mood elevator, and so your customers and visitors will be relaxed and interact with a positive frame of mind that helps to deliver a gainful outcome.
  • Can be used to ensure privacy.
  • Best suited for office spaces, hotels, restaurants and spas for delivering a comfortable feeling.
  • Available in large varieties and so you can have different types in a different area of the premises and avoid monotony.
  • Cause no insect infestation and do not attract snakes and like animals. Therefore, maintains a safe and hygienic environment.
  • No need to be concerned about weather conditions.
  • These are durable, portable and profitable.

Different types

The artificial mats are grouped based on the composition of the grass. In spite of their various grass type and structure, all of these are equally efficient to refurbish your interior and exterior in equally pleasing manner. Besides the traditional 12 inches and 24 inches boxwood types, the artificial mats are also available in many other varieties such as Beauty Azalea, Pink Azalea, Juniper, Ivy, Dark Pearlgrass and Light Pearlgrass. These mats are coated with special Teflon coatings so as to keep those away from dirt and also to ensure easy maintenance.

Picking the right type

For picking the right artificial boxwood mats one should consider the place where it will be used. In the case of choosing artificial mats for revamping the indoor and outdoor, the type that matches both uses should be selected. If you prefer to change the interior decoration every month or so, it is better to choose a sleek type for easy replacement. In the case of outdoor landscaping, the most durable types should be used for withstanding the varying weather conditions. When there are natural plants and hedges in the surrounding, the mats should so be chosen that it melts with everything.

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